Svend A. Larsen Bog og Ide

Photo: Svend A. Larsen Bog & Idé
Bog & Idé Svend A. Larsen is a 73 year-old book shop placed very near the Aarhus City Hall and the pedestrianised high street.

Sønder Alle 4

8000 Aarhus C


Phone:+45 86125611

The shop sells guide books as well as maps over locations in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the World. Futhermore, there are Danish souvenirs like dolls, magnets, keyrings, caps, t-shirts, picture books, postcards and much, much more.

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Sønder Alle 4

8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours

02 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20


10:00 - 14:00


09:30 - 18:00

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

09:30 - 17:30

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