SPOT Festival

Photo: Søren Rajczyk
At SPOT Festival you can discover the newest trends for Danish and Nordic music. The festival takes place at different venues in Aarhus where you can enjoy more than 200 concerts and events which includes concerts, music talks, films and a delicious food market.

Flere steder i Aarhus

8000 Aarhus C



From MØ to The Raveonettes and Mew

Since 1994, SPOT Festival has been a platform for a range of bands and artists, from The Raveonettes and Mew, to MØ and Efterklang, who all used SPOT Festival to launch their international careers.

The Lineup for 2020

Athletic Progression

Blaue Blume


Lil Halima

Rebecca Lou

The program will be updated with more artists and specific dates...

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Flere steder i Aarhus

8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours

30 Apr 20 / 03 May 20

Thu, Fri, Sat

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