Letbanen and city buses

Getting around in Aarhus is easy with the city buses and also with Denmark’s first light rail, Letbanen. Aarhus has a bus network with excellent coverage which makes it quick and easy for you to get where you want. The city buses are yellow, and they operate all day in the central Aarhus area.

If you need to go further than this, there are also city bus routes to and from the surrounding suburban areas. If you need to travel outside Aarhus, you can also choose to go by one of the blue regional buses which have services to destinations throughout Jutland.


Bus and trail stops are located throughout Aarhus. The area around the Central Station and the City Hall is the main junction point, and the majority of the bus services pass through this area.


There are several ticket options. Below you can read more about the different kinds. 

Tourist ticket

The Tourist ticket offers unlimited travel with Letbanen and bus in the city of Aarhus or all of Central Denmark Region for 24, 48 or 72 hours - for a fixed price. You can buy it online or at Aarhus Rutebilstation, Fredensgade 45, 8000 Aarhus C.

Tourist ticket to Aarhus

Tourist ticket to Midttrafik

Single tickets

You can buy a single ticket with cash in the bus but remember to buy your ticket before entering Letbanen because you cannot buy tickets in the light rail train. 

Single tickets are the most expensive option per ride. It can however be a good option, if you only travel a few times, while you are here. If you are only going a short way, you can buy a ticket for two zones which cover the city centre and the immediate suburbs. The single tickets are valid for two hours during which period you can freely change city buses.

Offers unlimited travel in Aarhus (zone 301 – 313) on Midttrafik's buses including night buses. The Tourist ticket is not valid for travel by trains. 

Free transport with an AarhusCARD

You get free transport by the light trail, Letbanen and busses all over Aarhus and the entire Central Denmark Region with an AarhusCARD. The card is valid in Letbanen and in Midttrafik buses, night buses as well. It also applies in the airport bus to Billund and Aarhus Airport. Furthermore, the AarhusCARD gives you free admission to more than 25 museums, attractions and activities in and around Aarhus and discount on shopping. The AarhusCARD is valid for either 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. 

24 hours: DKK 329
48 hours: DKK 449
72 hours: DKK 599
120 hours: DKK 749

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