Ebeltoft havn

Sea and Shore Angling

Photo: Sebastian Nils

If you are into sea and shore angling and love spending the day by the sea, the Aarhus region and its spectacular, long coastlines are the perfect destination for you. 

Shore Angling at the Peninsula of Djursland and in Aarhus

Some of the best angling you will find in Denmark

Whether you prefer the beautiful and serene morning hours around sunrise or meeting lots of other anglers during the daylight hours, The Aarhus region has it all.

You will find some of Denmark’s finest shores for angling along the Djursland coastline and further on south all the way past Aarhus. The eastern coast facing the Kattegat sea holds the best angling spots. Take for instance the stretch from Grenaa to Gåsehage, along which the water suddenly gets deep here and there, and large patches of seaweed and stones run along the shore.

The Best Spots along the Coastline

Great angling spots are found like beads on a string along the coastline. Stretching from the southern part of Aarhus all the way up to the bay of Knebel Vig at Mols and further on along the Aarhus Bay to Kobberhage, Jernhatten, Glatved, Fornæs, Gjerrild Klint and up to Randers Fjord (Randers inlet).

Whether you cast your fishing line from one of the harbours, sail out directly from the shore or you simply spend a day on a bank or at the beach with your fishing rod, Djursland and Aarhus are just the places to go for an exciting angling experience.

Angling season runs from late March to November.

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