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Walk and Hike on the Ancient Road

Hærvejen, which consists of a cycling/rambling trail and a bridal path, passes close by Silkeborg. Not only is it a scenic route, but it is also a historical journey down through Jutland along the Jutland ridge. 

The history of Hærvejen

Hærvejen, which stretches roughly 250 km from Viborg to the Danish-German border, was Denmark's first "motorway" to the south. It was used by merchants in ox-drawn carts, cattle drivers with their animals on their way to markets in Germany and pious Christians on pilgrimage.
Hærvejen was not just one road either, but many different routes that followed the relatively dry stretch along the Jutland ridge. However, all of the roads fell into oblivion in the late 1800s, with the introduction of the railway.

Hærvejen today

Today, Hærvejen is a rambling/cycling trail and bridal path, offering an exciting, historic journey back in time. Several shelters have been established in old inns and on abandoned farms along Hærvejen, so from 1 June to 1 September, you have the chance to sleep in humble accommodation and in a shared room, just as they did in the Middle Ages.

Read more about the Ancient Road on www.haervej.com, where you find both maps, practical information and inspiration for accommodation.

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