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Viborg International Church Music Festival

Look forward to the Viborg International Church Music Festival, which hosts more than 20 music events in May 2022.

The opening concert takes place in the Viborg Cathedral, where the audience can experience the absolute elite of church music, Trinitatis Kantori.

During the 10-day festival, which takes place in Viborg's churches, you can enjoy concerts with the legendary vocal ensamble Amarcord from Leipzig, Swedish Gunnar Idenstam and Lisa Rydberg, the Danish vocal ensamble Musica Ficta, organist and composer Naji Hakim from Paris and many more. 

In the week up to the festival various concerts take place in the churches in Skals and Almind.

A detailed program with date, location and description of the individual concerts can be found on the website of the Viborg International Church Music Festival.

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