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Training center - Kyst - og Fjordcentret

The Fjord Centre is the place to get wet, dirty fingers and to smell a bit of reeds, wool, smoke and fish. Take a walk in waders, burn your fingers on hot metal, try a canoe trip in the local jungle, shake a crab by the claw and bake pancakes on an open fire.

Untraditional fun for the whole family for a whole day. If you want a day of excitement in which you take part, rather than just watch, the Fjord Centre is the ideal choice for family groups of any size. Randers Fjord is one of Denmark's unique natural areas. The fjord can rightly be considered to be the Gudenå's estuary delta, where fresh water from the longest river in the country meets salt water from the Kattegat.  
Kanoe and dingue rental by appointment

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