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The Tingdal lakes

Tingdalsøerne is the name for the small moorland lakes Rævsø, Pytsø, Grane Langsø, Kalgård Sø and Kongsø close to Silkeborg. These small moorland lakes are beautifully surrounded by lush plantations and wonderful moorland.

Lobelia lakes

The idyllic Tingdal Lakes are very clean (nutrient-poor), clear water lakes that are called "Lobelia Lakes", partly because of the two-legged lobelia plant growing in the lakes. Their scenic surroundings are protected due to their vulnerable nature to human influence.

For this reason, it is important to respect the restrictions, which mean that you are not allowed to enter the tree- and shrub-free shores or engage in activities such as swimming, fishing and boating in the lakes.

However, Torup Lake differs as an ordinary lake, where part of the eastern shore is accessible to visitors thanks to specific conservation regulations.

On the western side of Kalgård Sø and Kongsø lies Kongsø Hede, where nature management is actively carried out to preserve the character of the area and prevent overgrowth. A special attraction on the heath is the small dammed lake with a historic castle bank known as "Hansborg".

There are signposted trails and information signs in the area.

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