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The small area is a small but important space between the great buildings, Viborg Cathedral, Vestre Landsret (High Court), parish center and the town hall.

The granite stone with the inscription '1241 Jydske Lov' (jutlandic law) was placed by Danmarks Jurister (jurists) in 1941 as a memory of Jydske Lovs (jutlandic law) founding in 1241.

At the city anniversary in 1950 was there a private fundraising and they gave the city a gift - a sculpture called 'Retfærdighedens gudinde' (righteousness goddess.) made by Anker Hoffmann.
With a slate pencil in one hand and parchment scroll in the other is Retfærdighedens Gudind a symbol of Viborg's old thingstead.

The sculpture is made in red granite from Bornholm and was revealed 22th june 1954.


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