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St. Sjørup Beach

St. Sjørup Beach is nice with sand bars and sandy bottom

The beach at Paradise

On the way to the beach at St. Sjørup you pass 'Paradise', which is a beautiful nature area. The area is fenced, but a small path going down to the water

The forms of the landscape appear beautifully and are in several places covered with heather. The path to the beach and the sea goes through a low meadow, which is rich in flora and fauna.
The beach is about 500 m further through a sort of tidal flats, with or without water, depending on tides, currents, and wind. It is possible to settle on the reef, which rarely flooded in the summer.

There is access to toilets and parking, but once you're out on the beach, there is far to facilities, so you must make sure to bring everything.

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