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Springvandet i Silkeborg Langsø

The fountain in Lake Silkeborg Langsø is one of the largest in northern Europe. Up to 355,000 litres of water is sent 30 metres up into the air at its strongest point. The fountain, which is one of northern Europe’s largest, also offers a spectacular light show.  Five fountains make up the display. They send water into the air with varying strengths. The highest jet shoots up 30–33 metres, the others to 20 and 3 metres respectively. At “full pressure”, some 355,000 litres of water are pumped into the air, but the spray is not constant. On average, well over 175,000 litres are pumped up an hour.  The pumps which provide the massive water cascades are supplied by the (almost) local company, Grundfos.  Spotlights in the fountains provide a stunning light show. The colours change according to a pre-programmed routine which lasts around 35–40 minutes.  The fountain was inaugurated in 1970, when it was donated to Silkeborg by a local architectural firm to mark the company’s silver anniversary.  Today, it is located opposite the town hall on Søvej in Silkeborg. It was previously further out in the lake, over by the Odden woods, but when it was discovered that it disturbed the birdlife in the forest, the fountain was moved closer to the shore. However, the road users were not overly impressed when strong winds showered cyclists pedalling along the road by the lake with water, or car windscreens were splashed as they drove by. The fountain has now been connected to a weather station which ensures that it is automatically shut down when the wind comes from a particular direction and with an excessive force.  The fountain is on from 1 May–20 September. 12 noon–1 am, Saturdays 9 am–1 am. During the Ildfest Regatta (the fire festival regatta) and the Riverboat Jazz Festival, the fountain is on until 03.

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