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Shelter 2 at Hærvejen close to Vrads Station

The shelter is created as an idyllic accommodation option especially for hikers and cyclists exploring both Hærvejen and Bryrupbanestien. The Bryrupbanestien trail combines cycling, hiking and horse riding and presents a unique experience with a paved surface half as wide as usual.

Facilities and location

The shelter site offers three cosy shelters and a shed with an outhouse. If you need it, you can access a public toilet at Vrads Station, but it is closed in winter.

The site is well sheltered and has a water tap and a fire pit available. Firewood is also occasionally delivered to the site. The nearest shopping is approximately 2 kilometres away in Vrads, which has a limited selection of goods. Alternatively, you can head to Bryrup, which is approximately 4 kilometres away.

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