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Sejs-Svejbæk Church

The church Sejs-Svejbæk Kirke, whose floor plan is modelled on a Roman basilica with chancel, nave and aisles, was inaugurated in 1989.

The Cross wall is designed as a large triptych altarpiece. The walls are covered with white porcelain tiles decorated by the artist Mogens Andersen, who also made ​​the ceramic baptismal basin. The three-dimensional Jerusalem cross which hangs above the altar was designed by graphic artist E. Ellegård Frederiksen. Fine paintings with biblical motifs by the artist Bodil Kaalund hang in the vestibule.

The churchyard was not consecrated until 1992. The architectural design of the churchyard is based on a galaxy – in this case the Milky Way – as an expression of the divine.

Open from sunrise to sunset.

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