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Restaurant Substans

Don't miss a creative gourmet experience at this top restaurant. Restaurant Substans had a star in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015-2022 and now again in 2024.

Michelin starred restaurant 2024

Restaurant Substans is focused on creativity and their praised Danish/French gourmet kitchen is more fun and season changing than ever.

About Substans

At Substans you get a casual gourmet meal with focus on taste, craftsmanship and organic produce from local farmers and manufacturers. The food is presented quite neatly and the wine is organic and casual, and often unfiltered. Why add a lot of chemicals to wine when it is better and more fun to drink without?

The menus at Substans

At Restaurant Substans you can choose between the menus "Not so big tour" and the "Big tour". The Not so big tour contains snacks and a four course meal. It is for you who want a light dinner or is on a schedule. The Big tour is the restaurant's tasting menu which includes snacks and a seven course meal where you go on a culinary journey.

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