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Outdoor fitness parks

If you enjoy running in beautiful natural surroundings, there are ample opportunities in and around Aarhus, where you can also combine running with a great workout using the fitness equipment which you can find at several locations in the city - in fact at a total of 25 locations.

You can use the fitness parks for warming up, an efficient workout, or simply providing your kids with a great opportunity to enjoy active playing activities.

You can find the outdoor fitness parks at these locations:
Brabrandstien cycle path
Egelund sports complex
Frederiksbjerg Bypark city-park
Byvangen in Viby
Harlev Bypark city-park
Hasle Bakker hills
Lyseng sports complex
Marselisborg Memorial Park
Riis Skov woods
Lystrup sports complex
Bøgeskov sports complex
Stavtrup by Bispevej/Brabrandstien
Solbjerg Skov woods
Lundbjergvang in Solbjerg
The Egå Marina
Sabro sports complex

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