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Nordskoven Forest and Gjern Bakker Hills by Bike

This route has some amazing, picturesque landscape in store for you. Ride along the calm current in Gudenå and take in the dramatic Ice Age landscape in the hills of Gjern Bakker.

24 km Bike Ride

Lovely inns and churches will tempt you to stop for breaks along the way, and should you choose to get off your bike and climb Troldhøj on foot, you certainly will not regret it. The view from there is mesmerising – all year round. Be sure to have time to stop and do some bird watching near Sminge Sø lake and see the incredible vintage cars in Gjern.

Other Highlights

  • Tvilum Kirke church (a former Augustinian convent)
  • Sminge Plantage and Kamknold Høj
  • Amerika Plantage with several beautiful ridges
  • The old barge puller inns of Svostrup Kro and Kongensbro Kro
  • Svostrup Kirke church dating back to 1170
  • Gjern Kirke church dating back to app. 1428. Used to belong to the Frijsenborg estate.
  • Jyllandsringen racing track
  • Nordskoven forest and Hårup Sande
  • The barge puller trail – 80 km trail stretching from Silkeborg to Randers.

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