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Mother Earth at Moesgaard Museum

Go on a journey 10,000 years back to a time of all-encompassing change as humans begin to cultivate the land and become massively preoccupied with the divine in this amazing special exhibition 'Mother Earth' at Moesgaard Museum.

Relationship with the forces of nature

Mother Earth is the story of mankind's millennia-long relationship with the forces of nature.

You are taken into a wild and alien world with mysterious rituals, but at the same time there is something very recognisable at play. In the period over 10,000 years ago that the exhibition covers, you will see some very fundamental building blocks being laid. You will experience man's relationship with animals, plants and food. You will also experience people's ideas about fertility, life and death.

Mysticism, fertility goddesses and animated nature

The exhibition is based on the latest research, which suggests that the Neolithic Age was a period full of mysticism, fertility goddesses and animated nature.

Experience the exhibition at Moesgaard from 11 October 2024.

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