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Mønsted Limestone Mines

Mønsted Limestone Mines - the world's largest limestone mine near Viborg in Denmark - offers a unique world of experiences. Learn about geology, observe bats, and witness impressive handcrafted work. Visit Mønsted Kalkgruber for an unforgettable adventure.

In Mønsted Kalkgruber you can experience a labyrinth of mine tunnels, exciting history, and beautiful nature.

Experiences underground

Explore the illuminated mine tunnels more than 50 meters down, along rippling streams and underground lakes and see where the bats sleep all winter. There is approx. 4 km of paths open to guests of which approx. 2 km are illuminated. 

Experiences above ground

Visit the old lime factory and the museum in the old manager's residence. Learn about the history of the limestone mines, about life as a limestone miner and explore the lives of bats.

Take a nice walk in the old limestone quarry. The trip is approx. 1 km long. On the trip you can experience the special nature in the area and see the beautiful view of the lake at the bottom of the limestone quarry.

The Cafe Kridthuset

Quench your hunger and quench your thirst in the cosy Café Kridthuset after your trip around the lime pits. The café is open for holidays and seasonally.

See opening hours here 

The bat playground

Next to the café is the bat playground, where the children can climb and play on the 5 bat species that overwinter in the lime pits.

Dress warmly

The temperature in the limestone quarries is only 8 degrees year-round, so be sure to wear a warm sweater.

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