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Midsummer’s Eve celebration in Aarhus

Midsummer's Eve Saknt Hans is a day which the Danes love to celebrate together with family and friends and simply enjoy in the glow of the bonfire. Bring along your family at Midsummer’s Eve in Aarhus.

There are several places around the city where you can enjoy the summer atmosphere on this cozy and traditional evening, experience the beautiful bonfires, witness the witch being sent to Bloksbjerg, listen to bonfire speeches, and, as tradition dictates, sing along to the Midsummer Song.

The information below is updated every year shortly before June 23 with current locations where you can freely come and participate in the Midsummer celebration.

Sankt Hans in Tivoli Friheden

Take a trip to Friheden and celebrate Sankt Hans. It promises to be a cozy day/evening. All attractions are open, and there will be a bonfire speech at 8 p.m. Later in the evening, a special musical experience awaits at the outdoor stage.

Midsummer's Eve at Godsbanen

Join us for midsummer fun and festivities when the Department of (X) organises Midsummer's Eve at Godsbanen. During the evening, you can watch fire shows, listen to African drumming rhythms and sing midsummer songs, all while enjoying a cheap bar and good company.

Sankt Hans with Valhalla Spejderne

Join in for midsummer coziness when Valhalla Spejderne in Brabrand holds a cozy and family-friendly Sankt Hans, where you can bake twist bread, try your luck at the Fishing Pond or the Tombola. Read more here.

Sankt Hans in Lystrup

Come for bonfire coziness at Lystrup Krike, with bonfire speeches and beautiful music from Aarhus Brass Band. The grill will be lit so you can barbecue your own sausages and steaks. Read more here.

Sankt Hans on Aarhus Ø

Participate in the very first celebration of Sankt Hans at Aarhus Sejlsportscenter on Aarhus Ø. The evening starts with the Aarhus Ø Relay, a 4 km running route passing by the iconic buildings on Aarhus Ø. Afterwards, there will be beer on tap and sausages on the grill, which can be enjoyed while bonfires are lit on the water in Aarhus Bay. Everyone can participate, and you can read more here.

What is the Danish Midsummer's Eve? 

Midsummer’s Eve Sankt Hans is a feast day for St John the Baptist who was born six months before the birth of Christ. He was born on the 24th for June, but the celebration takes place the evening before – on Midsummer's Eve – just like Christmas is celebrated by the Danes, and by many others, on the eve before Christmas Day. The bonfire is lit to scare off witches and evil spirits. 

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