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Lars Lilholt Band at Fed Fredag concert

Look forward to hearing good old hits like "Kald det kærlighed" and "Cafe måneskin" when Lars Lilholt Band takes the stage in Tivoli Friheden.

Old classics

Every summer since 1983, the Lars Lilholt Band has toured the country with their well-known classics and is visiting Tivoli Friheden again this year.

The eight-man band ensures a bang of a party with their always well-playing style, and they will definitely set up for a spectacular party when they take on the brand new scene of Tivoli Friheden this year.

Look forward to dancing, partying and singing to hits like "Den hvide dværg", "Onkel Christian", "Kald det kærlighed" and many more.

Free entrance with AarhusCARD

Every year, Tivoli Friheden presents a program for the Fed Fredag events. The program is filled with various famous artists so there is something for all ages and interests, whether you are into pop, rock or anything else.

There is free entrance to Fed Fredag concerts with AarhusCARD. Note that this does not apply to rides in the park.

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