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KlatreAutomaten (The ClimbingAutomate)

Challenge your friends and family in various climbing activities like bouldering, box stacking and climbing walls. The ClimbingAutomate is an adventure of indoor climbing and welcomes everyone – young and old.

With the auto-belay system, there is no need for a belay partner and everyone will be able to climb at the same time – cutting the waiting time and increasing the fun. Everyone can participate regardless of skill level or climbing equipment like shoes, harness or anchors. The ClimbingAutomate is responsible for all safety. The highly skilled instructors are present at all times to ensure everyone’s safety and to assist the climbers if necessary.

In other words, you don’t need to any kind of climbing expert to visit the ClimbingAutomate in Randers – all you need is to enjoy yourself climbing.

The ClimbingAutomate welcomes spectators for free – you can watch your friends climb from the climbing gym or from the café. The café offers warm and cold drinks and snacks but guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks as well.

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