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Heksekosten: Organic Grocery Store in Silkeborg

Heksekosten is an organic grocery store in the centre of Silkeborg. The store still gets its organic produce delivered in sacks in respect and harmony with nature, and you can just buy what you need and even bring your own packaging.

The most natural is a natural choice

You're in no doubt when you step into Heksekosten. Here you will only find items that have been carefully selected. Everything is good, local produce, delicious spices in bulk, bags of grains, beans, seeds and rice, but also gentle skincare, eco-friendly cleaning products, woollen goods, toys, art supplies and much, much more.

A sensory experience

Exploring the Witch's Broom is an experience for all the senses. It smells of fresh vegetables, herbs and freshly baked buns. Crystals, beautiful wind chimes and handmade ceramics in many colours compete for attention with cosmetics, delicious creams and shampoo of the purest quality.

You'll also find milk, butter and cheese in the refrigerated counter. The shop is stocked with everything your heart desires in organic quality, including a wide selection of natural medicines and homeopathy.

A story of love for nature

The couple Signe and Niels Rømer started Heksekosten in 1977. As young students, they had to think creatively to make ends meet. With experience, diligence and a passion for health, happiness and ecology, they have created one of Silkeborg's most unique shops. Many customers travel from far and wide to shop here.

Great tips and recipes

Visit Heksekosten, Silkeborg's organic gem, and discover a unique selection of natural products. If you're already inspired, you can find delicious recipes for nettle pesto, elderflower pancakes, beetroot soup and much more.

See the many recipes here (danish).

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