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The Glass Studio at Glass - Museum of Glass Art

Glass - Museum of Glass Art has in the garden furnished a glass studio - a working glass workshop, which is open most of the year. Here you can get very close to the old craftsmanship when skilled glassmakers blow and shape the hot glass mass for utility items and unique.

The cabin master is happy to talk about the process and answer questions about glass making along the way. In the workshop, changing glass artists and craftsmen from home and abroad also work, and in connection with the museum's exhibitions, you can often experience exhibition-related artists at work.

Be a part of it

The museum's guests can be active in the workshop several times throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to make special arrangements for groups who want to try their hand at the glass. During the holiday periods, Glashytten forms a framework for exciting activities for young and old. Among the popular workshop, activities are casting, glass blowing and fusing

The museum runs a glass studio which is a popular attraction for tourists. Many of the items produced in the studio can be purchased in the museum shop.

Opening hours

The studio is open from Easter to Autumn and gives visitors a good insight into the skills of glassblowing. The studio is often rented out for short periods of time which gives glassblowers and students from various glass schools in Denmark and abroad, the opportunity to experiment and improve their skills. During the summer holiday, the museum arranges special activities for children in the glass studio. Please call the museum for information about opening hours in The Glass Studio.

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