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Fishing at Bønnerup Havn Harbour

By Bønnerup Havn harbour and beach, you can catch flatfish, cod, and sea trout. You can fish from the beach, from a pier, or from a boat, and at the harbour, there is a shed in which you can clean your catch.

Fishing at Bønnerup Havn Harbour and Beach

The water around Bønnerup is rich in stocks of flatfish (flounder, dab, and plaice), but cod and sea trout can be caught, too. As the water there is shallow, fishing from the pier or from a boat is better. At the harbour, there is a convenient ramp for putting your boat in the water, but remember that it can only be used against payment to the harbour master. A shed with running water and a cleaning table can be found at the harbour, as well.

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