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The Craftmanship Museum - A stop on the Star Route in Randers

The Craftmanship Museum Håndværksmuseet in Randers is placed at the alcohol factory's old warehouse. The museum exhibits more than 20 craftsmen workshops, which are shown by craftsmen themselves who will happily tell the stories about their craft.

Try Your Hand at Ancient Crafts

In many of the old workshops, experienced craftsmen are ready to share and showcase their crafts. As a guest, you also have ample opportunity to try out the various crafts yourself.

The Crafts Museum is part of Museum Østjylland and also houses the two national museums, the Danish Hairdressing Museum, and the Danish Optics Museum. The museum is located in the old warehouse of the distilleries, which in itself represents Danish craft traditions with its impressive timber constructions.

Admission to the museum is free. Special events and activities are often held, so remember to check the museum's website before you go.

Sculpture in the River

On the route between the Crafts Museum and Laksetorvet, you can see one of the city's many sculptures in the middle of the Gudenå River. It is "The Jar" (Krukken) by Mogens Møller - a large bronze sculpture of a vase that sprays water on a little girl under an umbrella. The sculpture can also be seen from Randers Bridge, welcoming many visitors and commuters.

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