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Children at Moesgaard Museum

At Moesgaard Museum the past is brought to life! Have you ever wondered what it was all like in the reeaaaally olden days? You will be going on a journey all the way back to prehistoric times where you can go exploring in the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the age of those crazy Vikings.

Did you ever say to your mum and dad that they are really just sooo old?

Well, then meet Lucy. SHE is old! In fact 3.2 million years old. Together with six other people she has her own stairs where they all stand looking at you. When you look at them you can see how different human beings looked in the really old days. Pretty cool, don't you think!

Can you handle meeting a 2000-year-old man?

Step into the bog. This is an area which is really "swampy", but it is also pretty cool to feel the rough floor under your feet and peek into all the small holes that you can find here. And you also simply have to meet the 2000-year-old peat-bog corpse of the Grauballe Man. He is resting in the dark, but what happened to him? Did he get killed, was he a sacrifice to the gods – what do you think?

Crazy Vikings

You probably already know that there used to be Vikings in Denmark. Follow in their footsteps through the narrow lanes and alleys in ancient Aarhus. The Vikings were a pretty rowdy lot when they went raiding.

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