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Bora Bora Theatre

Bora Bora is an international centre and theatre for dance located in the heart of Aarhus, next to the city hall. It presents dance, visual theatre and performance art from all over the world. It is therefore one of the few places in Aarhus where international audiences can experience contemporary dance and the performing arts without language barriers.

Internationally acclaimed theatre

BoraBora is an internationally acclaimed theatre that presents unique and relevant experiences for those who seek the unexpected. The performances at Bora Bora are moving, fun and serious. They explore the latest trends in dance and visual theatre, push the boundaries, are choreographically innovative and enrich, challenge and inspire audiences.

The artists you experience at Bora Bora leave a lasting impression and are guaranteed to send you home with food for thought. All in an informal atmosphere that also includes the HeadQuarters bar and nightclub with DJs and live music.

International Festivals

Festivals are an important part of Bora Bora's DNA, and every year one or more festivals are part of the ambitious programme: from the curation of world-renowned dance companies at Move Your Mind Festival to the provocative queer art at Genderhouse Festival to the popular Dance Baby Dance Festival full of interactive experiences for babies and toddlers.

Bora Bora is an open house for all bodies and the many art forms make a difference in people's lives. It is an appreciative meeting place for the diversity of both art and the world.

International Production House

Bora Bora is also an international production house, creating the best working conditions for artists and choreographers from Denmark and abroad through artist residencies, international partnerships and a home for local dance companies.

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