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Around Ørnsø Lake in Silkeborg

Enjoy a child-friendly and cozy hike of approximately 3.5 km around the Ørnsø lake in Silkeborg. Along the way through the varied nature of the area, you will pass through natural forests, meadows, and marshes, and cross a total of 5 streams. You will also pass by the Silkeborg Bad Art Center and the Silkeborg Bunker Museum.

Hike with plenty of birdlife

The hike around Ørnsø offers great opportunities to experience the diverse birdlife in the area. On the water, you can see geese, coots, and ducks. Kingfishers and herons are often seen along the lake shores, and in the swamp forest, there is especially a lot of bird activity in the spring, where the songs of tits and other songbirds reach their peak.

In the southwestern end of Ørnsø, you can also hear the nightingale, and in the fall, you may be lucky to see the "black sun" when large flocks of starlings gather and dance over the lake.

NOTE: The path is partially flooded at times.

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Length: 3.5 km.

Estimated time: 1 hour - 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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