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Anholt Sønderbjerg and Pakhusbugten

Experience one of Denmark’s most desolate stretches of beach, which at the same time is a lovely spot for going swimming aa well as it has nice dunes. Climb to the very top of Sønderbjerg and take in the view of the sea and Ørkenen – the desert; an absolute must during your visit to Anholt.

Sønderbjerg’s top is merely 48 metres above sea level, but the rise is steep and the view of the sea is uninterrupted. From Sønderbjerg, you have the most spectacular view overlooking most of Anholt, and the view of the dune landscape and Ørkenen is particularly stunning in the early hours of the evening.

Pakhusbugten is one of Denmark’s most desolate stretches of coast. Up until Anholt got its harbour, ships anchored here, as the bay is deep and in lee of the wind that often comes in from the west. Walk along the coast and pass the large dunes, some of which have scarce vegetation and others are migrating dunes 20 metres high.

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