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Ålum Church

Ålum Church near Randers invites you on a unique journey back to the 12th century. This beautiful ashlar church, built around 1200, offers not only a fascinating history but also impressive architectural details.

Ålum ashlar stone church dates from around 1200 and has both an interesting history and many beautiful architectural details. In particular, the entrance portal between the current porch and nave with 3 double granite columns is a magnificent piece of stonemasonry.

Tower, porch and rune stones

The tower and porch from the end of the 16th century are redwashed, and the tower in particular is distinctive with its curved gables and white trim. At Ålum Church, there is a unique opportunity to see some of the beautiful Viking Age rune stones. There are no less than 4 different rune stones.

When you step through the entrance portal between the current porch and nave, you are greeted by a magnificent sight. The three double granite columns that mark this portal are a masterpiece of stonemasonry and bear witness to a bygone era.

History and Harmony

Ålum Church exudes not only physical beauty, but also a rich history that has shaped the local community over the centuries. Take time to explore every corner and discover the harmony between the heritage of the past and the tranquillity of the present.

Visit Ålum Church and be seduced by a unique combination of history, architecture and awe-inspiring craftsmanship. A visit that is sure to enrich your travelling experience.

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