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Abstrus - Teambuilding

Discover new sides of your colleagues and have a fun day with a focus on fun and development. Everyone can take part in the activities regardless of age, fitness, background and education.

Entertaining team building with Abstrus

Abstrus organises both energetic and entertaining staff events and employee development based on a passion for play and games. Get thrown into various forms of play, competition and chaos where everyone is put on the spot - from the boss to the secretary.

Although Abstrus is located in Aarhus, they organise team building events all over the country.

Staff events

Try "The Hint Hunt", "StrategyGourmet", "Chaos Problem Solving", "Big Play Day" or some of the other staff events that Abstrus offers. The different events vary in time interval and how many people can be accommodated.

Find more information about staff events here.

Employee development

Abstrus' employee development programme is based on different challenges that you want to work on, such as communication, collaboration difficulties or well-being. The day can also be part of a longer programme and include initial or subsequent 1-1 coaching sessions.

Prior to the day, Abstrus will talk to you about what you as a management team want your employees to take away from the day. How is the well-being and co-operation? What do you want the focus of the day to be? How is the co-operation and well-being? Based on this conversation, Abstrus structures a day with meaningful content.

Abstrus also offers the preparation and review of DISC analyses as part of the employee development day.

Find more information about employee development here.

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