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Aarhus Taxa

Get back and forth safely with Aarhus Taxi. Whether you are going to the airport, to the disco or home from a happy evening in the city, Aarhus Taxi brings you both well out and home.

Drive safely back and forth with Aarhus Taxa. Whether you are going to or from the airport, out to eat a nice dinner at one of the city's delicious restaurants or going home from a happy evening in the city, Aarhus Taxa will take you safely and soundly both out and home again.

Aarhus Taxa

Aarhus Taxa's car fleet spans the entire register from the environmentally friendly 0-emission cars to the large transporters that can either include wheelchairs or drive with up to eight people at a time. Aarhus Taxa is Jutland's largest taxi company, with more than 200 cars. Common to them all is that they are new, modern and always in good condition.

Taxa service in Aarhus. Call +45 89 48 48 48 or download the app for smartphones Android and iOS.

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