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Become a volunteer in Aarhus

Photo: Per Bille,

Are you interested in becoming a ReThinker volunteer? Read more about our community, the volunteering opportunities and how to sign up here.


As a ReThinker in Aarhus, you will be a part of a unique community that rises to the challenge of supporting a number of the city’s cultural organizations, events and projects.

It is entirely up to you how often and how much of your time you would like to give as a volunteer.  There may be periods where you are very active and other times where you are less involved.  It is your decision to sign up for any of the opportunities you think are interesting.

The special part of being a ReThinker volunteer is that you get to contribute to increasing the visibility and development of the city of Aarhus. You will also be a part of ensuring a fantastic experience that won’t be forgotten for the tens of thousands of visitors coming to the city every year and a high level of hospitality that is engrained in the identity of Aarhus.

Would you like to be a part of our community and make Aarhus an even better city?  Register now and be a part of the ReThinker volunteer program!



Choose meaningful volunteer opportunities freely

New events, tasks and field trips you can sign up for as a volunteer pop up every day. You can check out the many exciting opportunities through a variety of ways, including Speed Meeting events, our member system Venma and, especially, ReThinker Newsletters, which are available in both English and Danish.

Read more about Venma and our ReThinker Newsletter

Ny ReThinker?

Er du ny ReThinker, så kan du tilmelde dig intro-møde for NYE ReThinkers her.

På intro-mødet vil du møde andre, nye ReThinkers og se vores skønne lokaler GeLinde på Balticagade i Aarhus C. 

Du kan også se nogle af de aktuelle frivilligopgaver her


ReThinkers have helped with many activities, including:

Velkomstværter ved krydstogtanløb • DANISH+ • 500 Ord • BørneFestiBAL • LitteraturXchange • Tall Ships Races• Læsningens Dag • Skole OL • Musikhuset • Naturhistorisk Museum • Borgerværter til Varm Velkomst • Opera i Parken • Ridehuset Swinger • Sidste Skoledag i Botanisk have • Selskabssange • Spor Festivalen • U-Days • Fanzone til VM i fodbold • Volvo Ocean Race • Aarhus City Welcome • Aarhus Festuge • Classis Race • Kirkens Korshær - snakkemakker • Røde Kors - hjælp en ung hjemløs • VM i sejlsport • Aarhus Høstfest • Cluster Square • Folkets Møde #delditfællesskab • Film i Skoven • Frivillig til feriekoloni for grønlandske børn • Brabrand Kulturuge • Fritter, Fadøl og Forestilling • Klub God Mad • Food Festival • Danmarks Byggefestival • Det Kongelige Teater – statist ved Kong Arthur • Frivillig ved Kong Arthur og mange flere …

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