9th European Communication Conference will be hosted in Aarhus, Denmark

Photo: Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. Fotograf: Anders Trærup

Aarhus is chosen to be the first Nordic city to host the big-scale European Communication Conference.

Under the theme “Rethink Impact”, new future approaches to innovative media and communication research will be discussed by participants representing a broad range of research fields and sectors.

Aarhus will be buzzing with life in October 2022, when well over 1,000 curious scholars and leading specialists within media and communication research across Europe and beyond will gather for yet another major, international event in the city – the European Communication Conference (ECC). The conference is hosted by the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), the largest association of media and communication researchers in Europe. Under the theme "Rethink Impact", media and communication researchers, local Aarhus communities, and representatives from around the EU will meet to discuss new approaches to media and communication research and its dialogue with society.

With the close collaboration between all involved players in the city as their backbone, Aarhus University and VisitAarhus Convention Bureau have worked relentlessly on attracting the conference, which generates several advantages for the city.

I am very proud that ECREA has chosen Aarhus as the host city for the conference,” says Pia Lange Christensen, CEO at VisitAarhus. “Aarhus is an innovative and vibrant city with a strong university environment with prominent researchers within the field, creating the perfect platform for the conference. Hosting the ECC also generates an important turnover at the city’s businesses within accommodation, meeting venues, restaurants, and cultural attractions – especially with COVID-19 currently affecting everyone, this brings hope in the industry. We have worked hard in collaboration with Aarhus University and other involved businesses to get the conference to the city, so it is amazing to see that everyone’s efforts have now borne fruit,” Pia Lange Christensen continues.

The theme “Rethink Impact” is based on Aarhus’ experiences from the city being European Capital of Culture 2017. The theme will frame discussions about how research results can become concrete tools for use in society, politics and business communities. In times of a global pandemic, the importance of media and communication in all domains of society also calls for new approaches in research.

Not only does the conference present knowledge, facilitate collaborations and strengthen networks, it generates important turnover in the city, just as it is an important conference for Aarhus University.

We are proud and honoured to host ECC2020,” says Johnny Laursen, Dean at the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University. “Hosting this conference is important to the University and the Faculty of Arts as it strengthens our international networks, boosts the worldwide exposure of Aarhus and our positions of strength, attracts new talents, brings new knowledge and innovation of the highest quality, and creates strong networks and collaboration between us and the nearby companies and organisations. The big effort and close collaboration between our local organisers, VisitAarhus and other players around the city is essential to this success,” Johnny Laursen continues.

During the conference, Aarhus University and the city of Aarhus will be one big, vibrant venue and environment for debate, knowledge exchange and collaboration. The main conference itself will take place at Aarhus University, but selected events, showcases and exhibitions will be hosted by various city players to engage the citizens of Aarhus.


ECREA is the largest European association of media and communication scholars with well over 2,500 members. ECREA is organized into 24 thematic Sections, each developing a distinctive field of communication studies, 4 Temporary Working Groups which focus on emerging or underrepresented fields within media and communication studies, and 3 permanent Networks representing specific socio-demographic categories of scholars. Read more here.

About Aarhus University

Established in 1928, Aarhus University (AU) is now a major Danish university with a strong international reputation across the entire research spectrum. Today, more than 38,000 students are enrolled, and AU is recognized internationally for its research within the many domains of digital media, film and television studies and the creative industries. Read more here.

About VisitAarhus Convention Bureau

VisitAarhus Convention Bureau is the division within VisitAarhus, which has as its purpose and goal to support and boost business tourism in Aarhus and the surrounding region. Through close cooperation with local business-tourism players and Aarhus University, VisitAarhus Convention Bureau assists in attracting meeting, convention and conference events from the national as well as the international market. Part of these efforts is free, customized assistance and consultancy for everyone with an interest in bringing conferences and congresses to Aarhus. Read more here.

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