Aarhus, Denmark Among the Winners of the Title as New Favourite Destinations of the World 2020

Photo: Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum. Fotograf: Anders Trærup

The second city of Denmark, Aarhus, has been named one of the world’s hidden gems that is worth a visit in 2020

Aarhus has been awarded the ’Emerging Destination Award 2020’ by the international travel forum Travel Lemming along with a jury consisting of the world’s leading travel bloggers. This puts Aarhus on a much-coveted list of 30 new world-wide destinations that travellers are recommended to pay a visit in 2020.

According to CEO at travellemming.com Nathaniel Hake, the reason for Aarhus being on the list this year is that the city holds such unique contrasts: ”Aarhus truly impressed our judges who pointed out in particular that the city offers its visitors a very special atmosphere, not to mention that the city’s sights and attractions are no further away than a bike ride through the charming streets. As a contrast to its charm and historic backdrop, the city presents innovative and modern architecture as well. Aarhus is just waiting to be explored by even more guests,” Nathaniel Hake says.

Each year, ’Emerging Destination Award’ is awarded to new cities and regions across six continents, and the award is internationally recognised as a platform for highlighting new, amazing destinations that may not be as well-known among travellers, but which are both trendy and worth a visit.

”It is a tremendous pat on the back for Aarhus to be selected by such an influential jury. The award is an acknowledgement of our efforts to make the Aarhus region known as a welcoming and hospitable destination with an endless list of exciting attractions, spectacular natural surroundings and world-class art, culture and history,” CEO at VisitAarhus Pia Lange Christensen says.

Travellemming.com is a travel forum which focuses on exploring new favourite destinations around the globe. Since 2017, cities and regions have been selected as ‘Emerging Destinations’ after undergoing the jury’s scrutinising process. This November, travellemming.com’s readers can vote for their favourite among the jury’s top destinations, to be followed by the announcement of

’Readers’ Choice Awards’ in December.

In the spring of 2019, statistics from VisitDenmark showed that the number of international visitors vacationing in Aarhus has more than doubled over the past decade, which goes to show that the number of international guests in Aarhus is already soaring.


As a recipient of the ’Emerging Destination Award 2020’, the Aarhus region is part of a much-coveted list of 30 new destinations recommended for travellers to visit in 2020.

For further information, please contact CEO at VisitAarhus Pia Lange Christensen at +45 29 10 03 09 or plc@visitaarhus.com.

For press photos, copy and questions regarding VisitAarhus, please contact Tina Baungaard-Jensen at VisitAarhus’ communications agency, EHRENBERG SØRENSEN Kommunikation at +45 41 28 10 01 or tbj@ehrenbergsoerensen.com.

About VisitAarhus

VisitAarhus is the official tourism organisation in the Aarhus region which works to contribute to developing tourism in the region and market the region as a holiday and travel destination.

Today, VisitAarhus represents the city of Aarhus, the regions of Northern and Southern Djursland as well as the nearby region of Silkeborg.  Starting this January, the regions of Viborg, Randers and Skanderborg are included in the scope of the organisation.

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