Venma and ReThinker Newsletter

Get an overview of the many volunteer opportunities on Venma and in our ReThinker Newsletter

Venma – our and your database

It is quick and easy to sign up to be a ReThinker. You can register as a volunteer by filling out a simple form, which allows you to log into our member system, Venma. Once you are registered and logged in, we recommend that you complete as much of the information as possible in your personal profile.  You can mention your interest in food and gastronomy, architecture, literature, project management and much more. The more information we have about you, the better we can share personalized opportunities, arrangements and tasks that may be especially interesting for you.

ReThinker Newsletter

Upon registration, you will receive our ReThinker Newsletter, which we use to tell about upcoming volunteer opportunities, arrangements and field trips that are open for registration. Through the newsletter, you can get a complete overview of the wide range of opportunities for our volunteers. In other words, it is both important and a good idea to read through each newsletter as they are the easiest way to become an active volunteer in Aarhus.