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The World Cross Country Championship is the athletic world’s Paris-Roubaix. In 2019, this exciting championship with many proud traditions will take place in Aarhus, providing you with the opportunity to experience some of the world’s best cross country runners.

Running On the Roof of Moesgaard Museum

The running route at the World Cross Country Championship is quite the eye opener for a lot of people. Every round covers a distance of 2 kilometres and entails no less than 75 vertical metres per round. As if this was not enough, runners are led through special challenge-zones in which they have to cross sand, mud and water – not to mention the big element of surprise – the steep and grass-covered roof of Moesgaard Museum.

What is a Cross Country Run?

Cross country running, otherwise known as trail running, takes place in a rather rugged and varied terrain. The route is outlined by barricading tape, which allows the runners to focus on making their way along the rough and challenging path without having to worry about finding their way.

Challenge Yourself With Cross Country Running

Elite athletes from all over the world qualify for the World Cross Country Championship through their national federations, but the event is also for leisure runners who are just in it for a fun experience. Join the fun on your own or with family and friends and meet the fantastic challenges, which are divided into four different heats: The Sprint, The Relay, The Toughest and The Search.

Find more information about the event and sign up at the World Cross Country Championship website.

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Opening hours / Date

30/03/2019 - 30/03/2019 Saturday 10:00

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