Se udviklingen af krydstogtanløb i Aarhus

Cruise arrivals 2000 - 2017

Cruise arrivals

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Marselisborg Woods - magnificent views and thrilling crime location

The film location

This scene was filmed in the elevated area above the Ballehage beach. To get there you go along Ørneredevej from Strandvejen through the Marselisborg Woods until you reach the bus stop at Ballehage. There is a plateau above the beach with the toilet facilities in and around which the scenes were shot.

Be sure to explore the area and take the steps down to the lovely bathing beach. 

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Go exploring in Dicte's footsteps – go chasing criminals with her and looking for clues in the murder mysteries set in Aarhus. The successful Danish crime series 'Dicte' takes place and is shot on location in Aarhus.  Here is some inspiration for you for a unique tour of the locations in and around Aarhus regularly frequented by Dicte.

Vadestedet by the river - for a frightfully fun evening out

One morning when Dicte and her friend Anne are sitting outside one of the cafés by the Vadestedet, Dicte's eye is suddenly caught by a pail floating down the Aarhus river. Inside the pail is the body of a dead baby. Dicte and Anne are horrified – how on earth can something like this happen! - Dicte is on the case.

See Aarhus through the eyes of Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm's Aarhus

"My first thought when I think about Aarhus is ’home’. I grew up in Aarhus – in North Aarhus to be precise – and I live in Aarhus. I went to school in Aarhus, got my degree in Aarhus, and my family lives here", those are Elsebeth Egholm's immediate thoughts about Aarhus. The feeling of being 'home' in Aarhus is no doubt perfectly recognizable by most people who were either born, live, or have lived in Aarhus.

Aarhus by bike

The whole country at your feet

The furthest you can cycle from the sea is 50 km, so coastal adventures are never far away. Towns have safe cycle paths and it’s easy to join in with the locals and cycle between shops, cafes and nightlife. And if your feet are in need of a short break, you can bring your bike onto trains all over the country.