Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Go exploring in Dicte's footsteps – go chasing criminals with her and looking for clues in the murder mysteries set in Aarhus. The successful Danish crime series 'Dicte' takes place and is shot on location in Aarhus.  Here is some inspiration for you for a unique tour of the locations in and around Aarhus regularly frequented by Dicte.

Vadestedet by the river - for a frightfully fun evening out

One morning when Dicte and her friend Anne are sitting outside one of the cafés by the Vadestedet, Dicte's eye is suddenly caught by a pail floating down the Aarhus river. Inside the pail is the body of a dead baby. Dicte and Anne are horrified – how on earth can something like this happen! - Dicte is on the case.

See Aarhus through the eyes of Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm's Aarhus

"My first thought when I think about Aarhus is ’home’. I grew up in Aarhus – in North Aarhus to be precise – and I live in Aarhus. I went to school in Aarhus, got my degree in Aarhus, and my family lives here", those are Elsebeth Egholm's immediate thoughts about Aarhus. The feeling of being 'home' in Aarhus is no doubt perfectly recognizable by most people who were either born, live, or have lived in Aarhus.

Moesgaard Museum | ARoS | Den Gamle By | Tivoli Friheden ect.

TOP must sees and do in Aarhus

Wondering what to do in Aarhus? Here are some of the absolute best attractions in Aarhus. Top Five attractions in the second biggest city in Denmark is ...

The city's crown jewels within scene art

The Crown Jewels of scene art

The Aarhus Theatre and Concert Hall Aarhus are the bright shining crown jewels in the treasure trove of stages in the city. The lavishly adorned façade of the Aarhus Theatre has an enticing magic of its very own, and the spell and allure are even greater when you pass through the doors and enter the theatre with its glittering chandeliers.

Latiner kvarteret i Aarhus

Old areas of Aarhus

Aarhus is a city, which, despite its size, is characterised by a versatility not often found elsewhere. Even though the city is not the largest city in the world, the individual quarters are still very different from each other. However, perhaps due to its compact size there is also a nearness here, which is quite unique, and which simply needs to be experienced.

The Quarters in Aarhus