Find the best Christmas Markets in Denmark

Christmas Markets in Aarhus

Visit one of the cosy Christmas markets in Aarhus where you can buy everything from unique Christmas gifts, beautiful Christmas decorations and try some of the traditional Danish Christmas treats. Bring along your family and get in the right Christmas spirit.

Below you find a guide to some of the best Christmas markets in Aarhus.

Bring back a memory from Aarhus


Find the best souvenier shops in Aarhus and bring back a memory from Aarhus.

Cool vintage clothes | Furniture | Food | Unique handicrafts

Markets and Flea Markets in Aarhus

Make a great bargain at some of the many markets and flea markets in Aarhus. Here you can find everything from cool vintage clothes to furniture, food, Danish design and unique handicrafts. 

Christmas shopping in Aarhus

Christmas Shopping in Aarhus

Come and enjoy Aarhus's bustling atmosphere-filled streets, lanes and shop windows. This year, once again, a sparkling starry sky of half a million pin-points of starlight will be suspended above the pedestrianised high street. 

Shopping centres in Aarhus

In Aarhus there are shopping centres and department stores which have a broad selection of stores and items. If you fancy shopping these centres and stores are a must-visit.

Latiner kvarteret i Aarhus

Old areas of Aarhus

Aarhus is a city, which, despite its size, is characterised by a versatility not often found elsewhere. Even though the city is not the largest city in the world, the individual quarters are still very different from each other. However, perhaps due to its compact size there is also a nearness here, which is quite unique, and which simply needs to be experienced.

The Quarters in Aarhus

Great shopping in Aarhus

Enjoy a girls' trip in Aarhus

When it's time for relaxation, chatting, good food, atmospheric shopping, and self-indulgence.

Here are some places in Aarhus we would like to recommend to you:

Craft, Gallery and Design

Visit the city's galleries, see the working crafts workers and find unique design items. In Aarhus you will meet plenty of exciting and innovative art which you can even bring back home!