Green Excursions

Bring the family, picnic basket and hiking boots and go on an adventure in one of Aarhus many pretty green forest areas. You can even bring your sleeping bag and sleep under the open sky or in one of the many shelters. How about going all-in and bring your fishing rod and cook your dinner on a bon fire?

Bring your lunch pack

Bring your lunch pack

This area is in the woods south of Århus, with a covered space with tables and benches where you and your family can sit down and enjoy your own food.

And there is lots of space for playing and for ball games while Mum and Dad finish their meal. Nature centre Ørnereden, Marselisborg woods, Ørneredevej

Tropical Houses at the Botanical Garden

Tropical Houses at the Botanical Garden

There are fish, an eel, and a solitary parrot. And there are orange trees, coffee trees, cinnamon trees, cardamom plants and many other unusual plants. The greenhouses are next to the 'Den Gamle By' (The Old Town) so you can easily go to see both attractions while you are there.

Se fører og tudser ved søer og åer tæt på Aarhus

Birds, toads and frogs

You may catch toads in the lake, or climb one of the bird-watching towers and watch the many birds nesting in the reeds. Årslev Engsø lake, Søskovvej, Brabrand.

Kom tæt på dyrene i Dyrehaven i Aarhus

Animals in the deer park

Here you can see fallow and sika deer and wild boar running about and playing together. You may also feed the animals fresh fruit and bread. TheDeer Parkis in the Marselisborg woods south ofAarhus. Admission is free, from sunrise to sunset.

Se 'din' hest vinde

Cheer for 'your' horse!

If you bet on the fastest horse, you win, so bring Mum and Dad along for some fun and enjoy a genuine horse-racing atmosphere.

There is trotting and flat-racing, and both an indoor and outdoor playground.

Natural History Museum

Do dangerous animals exist in Denmark?

Biologists and countryside rangers at theNaturalHistoryMuseumstand by with fascinating stories about wildlife and nature. You can also go exploring the museum and find the answers to a lot of exciting and interesting questions.

In theGlobalBackGardenyou can, for example, get close up to the inconceivable wealth of plants, animals and diversity of nature on our planet.

Marselisborg Woods - magnificent views and thrilling crime location

The film location

This scene was filmed in the elevated area above the Ballehage beach. To get there you go along Ørneredevej from Strandvejen through the Marselisborg Woods until you reach the bus stop at Ballehage. There is a plateau above the beach with the toilet facilities in and around which the scenes were shot.

Be sure to explore the area and take the steps down to the lovely bathing beach. 

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Go exploring in Dicte's footsteps – go chasing criminals with her and looking for clues in the murder mysteries set in Aarhus. The successful Danish crime series 'Dicte' takes place and is shot on location in Aarhus.  Here is some inspiration for you for a unique tour of the locations in and around Aarhus regularly frequented by Dicte.

Child-friendly cycling

Child-friendly cycling holidays

Cycling in Denmark is safe and easy. With the following ideas, information and inspiration, you and your family can get planning and pedalling for a cycling holiday to remember.

10 great reasons to cycle in Denmark

There are many reasons why you can’t beat seeing Denmark from a bicycle and here are ten to get you going.

 1.   You are never very far from the next place to eat or sleep in Denmark. Places to shop, fun attractions and beautiful natural areas are always just a short ride away.

Child-friendly cycling holidays

Child-friendly cycling holidays

Cycling in Denmark is safe and easy. With the following ideas, information and inspiration, you and your family can get planning and pedalling for a cycling holiday to remember. 

Plan your cycling route online

Plan your cycling route online

Who needs paper? Prepare your cycle route online before you leave and follow it on your mobile devices!

Danish Cycling Federation

Have a great experience of nature in and near the city

Lakes and rivers near Aarhus

In and around Aarhus there are many areas dominated by water which can give you a breather from a stressed out everyday. Most of the places you will find walking routes and trails that will guide you around in the beatiful nature.

Forests near Aarhus

The forests near Aarhus provide many possibilities for enjoying the nature while taking a walk, hiking, running, building hideouts or cycling. You can also enjoy a good picnic in beatiful surroundings with the family or friends.

Beaches in Aarhus

The beaches in north and south face towards the east and are beatifully located near forrests and city, easy accessible, good parking opportunities and the calm water makes the beaches ideal for families with children.

Green oases

Aarhus has many green areas where you can spend your time indulging in the special atmosphere.

Walking- and running routes in Aarhus

Walking- and running routes in Aarhus

Aarhus is situated near beach and forrest and offer many fantastic nature experiences. Below you can find suggestions for walking routes in and around Aarhus.

Aarhus have all sorts of terrains in form of hills and valleys, forrests and beaches, lakes, rivers and sea. The routes are designed to enjoy the nature, get some exercise and be together with family and friends while discovering new areas in and around the city.