Beautiful nature in and around Aarhus

In Aarhus there are several possibilities for activities in every kind of weather - year round.
Aarhus have plenty of offers where you can learn more about the nature and the environment as well as enjoying the green areas. In Aarhus you can find nature tracks, playgrounds, fishing and much more. Aarhus is the place where an active life in the nature is even more attractive than anywhere else.

The natural world

In Aarhus, nature is present everywhere. The city is surrounded by woods and beaches, and inside the city itself there are lots of large parks and small natural oases.
So whether you are in the mood for relaxing, or feel like taking a nice walk, run or bike ride in beautiful surroundings, there are plenty of opportunities here. In Aarhus nature is never far away.

Oases in Aarhus

Aarhus is a city boasting an impressive number of revivifying oases and sanctuaries where you can enjoy life. From the re-opened river in the heart of the city to the Marselisborg Memorial Park; from the old wooden-ships harbour to The Botanical Gardens.

The wooden-ships harbour where old ships, beautifully maintained and freshly painted, are berthed side by side. Right next to this is the old fishing harbour, which retains the smell of fish, and which holds one of the city’s gastronomic temples.