Food manufacturing in Aarhus

A knowledge powerhouse for foods

Greater Aarhus has one of Europe’s highest concentrations of specialist businesses within food manufacturing, from farmers and food manufacturers to global cooperatives and gastronomy. The Central Denmark Region accounts for 60% of Denmark’s food exports.

Furthermore, Aarhus is recognised internationally for its expertise within food development and production, including agriculture. The city is home to many specialist food study programmes, while a significant share of Denmark’s R&D institutions within foods are located in the greater Aarhus area.


  1. Food manufacturers in Aarhus possess expertise within ingredients, dairy products, meat and ecology
  2. Aarhus’s new foods hub, Agro Food Park, today employs more than 700 scientific employees and, of particular attention for Danish and international food businesses, the park is well on its way to realising its ambition of being one of the world’s top five food hubs by 2020
  3. Aarhus University offers a wide range of study programmes and research within agriculture and foods.

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Food manufacturing

Aarhus has great expertise within food development and production and also accoutns for 60% of Denmark's food exports together with the Central Denmark Region.

A knowledge powerhouse for foods