Walking- and running routes in Aarhus

Walking- and running routes in Aarhus

Aarhus is situated near beach and forrest and offer many fantastic nature experiences. Below you can find suggestions for walking routes in and around Aarhus.

Aarhus have all sorts of terrains in form of hills and valleys, forrests and beaches, lakes, rivers and sea. The routes are designed to enjoy the nature, get some exercise and be together with family and friends while discovering new areas in and around the city.

The below routes and descriptions are primarily in Danish, but you can still use the routes and find inspiration to enjoying a good walk.

Walking- and nature routes in and around Aarhus:

Outdoor fitness parks  

Walking route Aarhus-Silkeborg 

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Running routes

If you like to run here are some suggestions to running routes in Aarhus. The link is in Danish but still contains maps to guide you towards the right area.

Hasle Bakker / Skjoldhøjkilen
Routes of 3, 5 and approximate 10 km.

Mollerup Skov
Routes of 2.680 km and 3.480 km.

Riis Skov
Routes of 3.3 km and 4.7 km.

Brabrand Sø/Stautrup
The route is marked by red pylons for each 250 meters and the route in total is approximate 20 km.

Running Routes in PDF format (danish) 

Risskov (Nord)

Mollerup skov (Nord)

Brabrand / Stavtrup (Syd)

Hasle Bakker (Vest)

Marienlystparken (N/V)