Energy, climate and energy are important factors in Aarhus

Energy, climate and environment

Aarhus boasts a range of world leaders within the clean tech area.

Companies domiciled in Aarhus include Vestas, AVK, Amplex, Kamstrup and Cowi. Aarhus is known as the Capital of Wind Energy – and with good reason: Nowhere else in the world will you find a similar concentration of companies covering the entire value chain within wind turbine design, development and production.


  1. Aarhus has the world’s highest concentration of wind turbine manufacturers
  2. 87% of total Danish revenue from wind energy is generated in Greater Aarhus
  3. 53% of Denmark’s highly educated professionals employed within wind energy work in Greater Aarhus
  4. 57% of all CEOs within the Danish wind energy sector work in Greater Aarhus
  5. 14,000 employees within the Danish wind energy sector work in the Central Denmark Region.

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