The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels

In the treasure trove of stages in the city, the Aarhus Theatre and Concert Hall Aarhus are the bright shining crown jewels.

Films and TV series in Aarhus

Dicte's Aarhus

'Dicte' is a crime drama series, taking place in Aarhus, featuring Iben Hjejle as the main character. This TV series has been a huge success in Denmark and Sweden, and it is expected to be sold to several other countries. The TV series is based on Elsebeth Egholm's, to date, six novels about Dicte. Here you can visit Dicte's Aarhus and find inspiration for new and exciting things to do and see in Aarhus. 

Aarhus - a power-generator for music

For more than thirty years Aarhus has prided itself in being Denmark´s city of music. And justifiably so.


Since the late 70s the city has produced musical artists who, with Aarhus as their common platform, have found their way onto both the local and the national stages and into the record shops. You could compare it with the music scene in Liverpool in the early sixties or in New York in the eighties.