Aarhus - Denmark's best education city

Knowledge and education

Each year, the higher educational institutions in Aarhus attract more and more young people to the city. Aarhus has the highest concentration of students in Denmark and a lively study environment as many of the educational institutions are located in central Aarhus.

With education programmes at all levels and an extremely wide range of study programmes, Aarhus supplies knowledge and newly qualified graduates to all of Denmark and abroad. Aarhus as an education city will grow markedly as the number of student places is increased
in the coming years.


  1. Aarhus University has 40,000 students, of whom 30,000 live in Aarhus. Overall, Aarhus University has approx. 7,000 employees
  2. International rankings place Aarhus University in the Top 100 worldwide.
  3. VIA University College is Denmark’s third-largest educational institution with some of Denmark’s most popular study lines. Nearly one in four primary school teachers are trained in Aarhus
  4. Aarhus School of Architecture, the Royal Academy of Music and the Jutland Art Academy offer artistic programmes which are recognised internationally.

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Denmark's best education city
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