International IT environment in Aarhus

International IT environment

The IT industry is one of the most important growth industries in Aarhus – with significant synergies between the city’s businesses, educational institutions and researchers in the field. Additionally, Aarhus has a wide range of IT competencies, and with 20,000 IT jobs in Greater Aarhus, the region’s IT cluster is today a national top scorer in terms of growth and the establishment of new IT companies.


  1. Denmark’s largest IT and innovation environment is located at the IT Park Katrinebjerg in Aarhus wrih businesses such as Google and VMware
  2. The IT Park’s innovative R&D environment facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration between a wide range of fields: natural science,
    social science, the liberal arts, health science and the engineering, architectural and design fields
  3. The Alexandra Institute, which serves as initiator and facilitator between the business community and researchers, has developed
    the concept ‘research-based user-driven innovation’.

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The strength in Business Region Aarhus's IT-environment is the synergy and tight cooperation between education, researchers and small and large companies.

IT Innovation Environment in Aarhus

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