Walking in Dicte's footsteps

Walking in Dicte's footsteps

After a visit to ARoS Art Museum you could take a break in the Mølleparken park, which has appeared several times in the TV series 'Dicte'. Mølleparken is next to the Aarhus river, close to ARoS – take in the park and the river, watch the city life passing by.

Go exploring in Dicte's footsteps – go chasing criminals with her and looking for clues in the murder mysteries set in Aarhus. The successful Danish crime series 'Dicte' takes place and is shot on location in Aarhus.  Here is some inspiration for you for a unique tour of the locations in and around Aarhus regularly frequented by Dicte.

The Dagbladet editorial office

Dicte works for the newspaper Dagbladet. The newspaper's editorial office is located in a building in Åboulevarden. Dicte and her friends frequently meet in one of many cafés in Åboulevarden. The editorial office is on top of Herr Bartels cocktail bar in the building on the corner of the streets named Harald Skovbys Gade and Åboulevarden.

The harbour – Aarhus' sinister backyard

In the first episode of the crime series 'Dicte', a pregnant woman is found dead in the Aarhus Harbour area. Many of the scenes in Dicte are filmed on location in the Aarhus Harbour area.

The body is a Bosnian woman who is found murdered in the inner pier arm section of the harbour known as the 'Mellemarmen'. You can stroll out to the pier and see if you can spot some of the locations.

In the TV series the body is found near a discotheque. In today's Aarhus there is no discotheque on the harbour, but there was one when Elsebeth Egholm wrote the crime novel 'Personal Damage' with Dicte as the protagonist.
Aarhus Harbour

Police station – where Wagner and Bendtsen work

Wagner and Bendtsen

Wagner and Bendtsen are criminal investigators. Their place of work is the Aarhus Police Station. Dicte and Wagner often bump into each other at the police station in their efforts to solve the crime mysteries, frequently resulting in confrontations between the two because of their distinctively different ways of tackling the problems they are faced with.

"She left the car and walked toward the coast road up to the red-brick monstrosity that housed the police headquarters. Most of the windows were dark and forbidding as the people inside had left for the day. The minions of the law had gone home to their wives, partners and children, leaving only an emergency force to hold the fort. In one window a light was still burning.

Wagner and his team were at work, that she knew for certain. And she also knew that the next few days would be the longest in a very long time for all of them.” (Elsebeth Egholm 'Next of Kin' 2006) (NB. book extract translated by the translator of this article and not from the original English translation). 
Police headquarters in Aarhus

Aarhus City Hall

Aarhus City Hall

Aarhus City Hall is a distinctive building on the Aarhus skyline, both in the TV series 'Dicte' and in real life. Dicte often visits the City Hall while investigating the crime mysteries.
Aarhus City Hall 

Aarhus Kommunehospital (District General Hospital)

Dicte's friend Anne works in the maternity ward at the Aarhus District General Hospital. Dicte often turns to her for advice or for help to get a wound attended to. Several of the scenes in the TV series are shot here, and you can go exploring the hospital area to see if you can recognise any of the locations.
Aarhus Kommunehospital 

The 'Hellet' drop-in centre

Where the streets of Jægergårdsgade and Sydhavnsgade cross lies the 'Hellet' (the Refuge) in the TV series 'Dicte'. This place houses a drop-in centre for the city’s underprivileged. In real life this area in Aarhus is full of contrasts – as in the TV series 'Dicte' there is a drop-in centre, but there is also en excellent restaurant.

This area is a great place for an alternative walk to take in urban life with the bustle of industry in the harbour, the graffiti and the street art.

Marselisborg Woods -

magnificent views and thrilling crime location.

Film location: Marselisborg Woods

The Marselisborg Woods served as a setting when the scenes were shot for Dicte's attempt at rescuing a pregnant woman from being kidnapped. Follow in the footsteps of Dicte through the beautiful Marselisborg Woods to find the location where the scenes for the TV series were shot.
The film location
This scene was filmed in the elevated area above the Ballehage beach. To get there you go along Ørneredevej from Strandvejen through the Marselisborg Woods until you reach the bus stop at Ballehage. There is a plateau above the beach with the toilet facilities in and around which the scenes were shot.
Be sure to explore the area and take the steps down to the lovely bathing beach. 
Marselisborg Woods 

Sallings multi-storey car park - the top of Aarhus

One afternoon after work, Bendtsen and Wagner find themselves on the roof of the multi-storey car park next to the Salling department store.

Here they meet a car park attendant who is being berated by an angry man; he's angry because of the parking ticket he got. Wagner sides with the car park attendant and the man backs down. When Wagner returns to his car he finds that he too has a parking ticket! Bendtsen is watching the whole incident with a smile on her face.

You too can make your way to the roof of the Sallings P-hus to take in the great views of the city centre.
Salling departnebt store

Aarhus Ting- og Arresthus court detention house

Dicte is confronted with a person who will have a major impact on her future life

It is a witness

Dicte receives a phone call from an inmate at the court detention house who has got a tip in a case. Dicte wants to know what it is and goes to see the witness. She cannot, however, find out if the witness is telling the truth, or what his motive is for wanting to talk with her.
Aarhus Ting og Arresthus


After a visit to ARoS Art Museum you could take a break in the Mølleparken park, which has appeared several times in the TV series 'Dicte'. Mølleparken is next to the Aarhus river, close to ARoS – take in the park and the river, watch the city life passing by.
In episode one of the TV series,Rosameets with her boyfriend in Mølleparken to talk to his previous girlfriend. She is an outcast of society, and for many years this social group has been a fixed part of the cityscape in Mølleparken

In connection with the re-opening of the river the area has been renovated, and due to the park's central location between the Strøget pedestrianised high street and ARoS it is a popular rendezvous-point for the city's residents, particularly in summer when people can relax in the open spaces and grassy areas of the park. 
Mølleparken in Aarhus 

Vadestedet by the river - for at frightfully fun evening out

After a wonderful dinner in Mejlgade you should really try and follow in the footsteps of Dicte and her friends and visit one of the exciting cafés or night-clubs by the Vadestedet on the river bank to round off the day in Dicte's Aarhus in perfect style.
One morning when Dicte and her friend Anne are sitting outside one of the cafés by the VadestedetDicte's eye is suddenly caught by a pail floating down the Aarhus river. Inside the pail is the body of a dead baby. Dicte and Anne are horrified – how on earth can something like this happen! - Dicte is on the case.
Is it Vadestedet or Åboulevarden?
Åboulevarden is the actual name of the street which stretches along the Aarhus river from the Mølleparken park to Europaplads square by the harbour, while Vadestedet is the popular name for the area stretching from the Magasin department store down to Europaplads.
Vadestedet is the place in Aarhus where the most cafés and clubs are gathered. All the way along the river they lie side by side, and on a lovely summer’s day the place is alive with people.
When the night starts to fall the area wakens even more, if that’s possible. Many of the cafés are open until 2 am, and in addition to this, several of them are transformed during the evening into clubs and turn up the volume an extra notch.

Åboulevarden and Vadestedet

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The Dagbladet editorial office

The Dagbladet editorial office

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