Vadestedet by the river - for a frightfully fun evening out

After a wonderful dinner in Mejlgade you should really try and follow in the footsteps of Dicte and her friends and visit one of the exciting cafés or night-clubs by the Vadestedet on the river bank to round off the day in Dicte's Aarhus in perfect style.

One morning when Dicte and her friend Anne are sitting outside one of the cafés by the Vadestedet, Dicte's eye is suddenly caught by a pail floating down the Aarhus river. Inside the pail is the body of a dead baby. Dicte and Anne are horrified – how on earth can something like this happen! - Dicte is on the case.

Is it Vadestedet or Åboulevarden?

Åboulevarden is the actual name of the street which stretches along the Aarhus river from the Mølleparken park to Europaplads square by the harbour, while Vadestedet is the popular name for the area stretching from the Magasin department store down to Europaplads.

Vadestedet is the place in Aarhus where the most cafés and clubs are gathered. All the way along the river they lie side by side, and on a lovely summer’s day the place is alive with people.

When the night starts to fall the area wakens even more, if that’s possible. Many of the cafés are open until 2 am, and in addition to this, several of them are transformed during the evening into clubs and turn up the volume an extra notch.

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Dicte's Aarhus

'Dicte' is a crime drama series, taking place in Aarhus, featuring Iben Hjejle as the main character. This TV series has been a huge success in Denmark and Sweden, and it is expected to be sold to several other countries. The TV series is based on Elsebeth Egholm's, to date, six novels about Dicte. Here you can visit Dicte's Aarhus and find inspiration for new and exciting things to do and see in Aarhus.